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March 11, 2021, 8:18 a.m.

10 Best Instagram Downloaders to Try in 2021

Instagram feed is an endless stream of engaging content. Photos, videos, carousel posts, IGTV, and Stories are uploaded by millions of users around the world every minute. The platform allows users to find interesting publications on every imaginable topic via hashtags and even go on a digital trip to other countries with just a click on a location tag. 

The vast and ever-growing media collection of Instagram lacks only one thing: the possibility to download it. Instagram doesn't have a native download feature and apparently doesn't plan to implement it in the foreseeable future. Fortunately, there are many third-party services that fill this gap. Here are the top 10 best Instagram media downloaders.

#1 4K Stogram — Desktop (Cross-platform)

4K Stogram is an all-in-one Instagram viewer and mass downloader for Windows, Mac and Linux. The application offers an impressive number of features that help getting nearly all types of Instagram content. This desktop downloader saves regular Instagram photo- and video-posts along with carousel publications, handles Instagram Stories and Highlights. It allows for backing up your account, including not only media but also post captions and comments. On top of that, 4K Stogram supports Instagram Saved posts collection download.

The service saves photos and videos from Instagram en masse. With the help of in-app filters and settings, you can selectively download only particular types of content and save Instagram posts by date. 4K Stogram allows you to get all media from whole Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations. It automatically checks for updates and downloads new posts. 

The application can also be used as an Instagram viewer that enables you to watch Stories anonymously and view Instagram feed without ads. The most functional Instagram downloader on the market, the only feature it lacks is IGTV support. Other than that, 4K Storgam has no competition among desktop applications for downloading from Instagram.

#2 Ingramer — Web (Online Service)

Ingramer is a web service for saving Instagram content suitable for desktop and mobile use via all browsers. It’s a fast downloader that gets content saved to your computer, smartphone, or tablet by links you copied from Instagram. 

Ingramer allows for downloading Instagram photos and videos, Instagram Stories, IGTV and even Instagram live streams. All content is saved in original resolution and high quality.

The service offers a premium Instagram profile download feature. With its help, you can get the contents from any public Instagram account in their entirety. Ingramer can also be used to download photos and videos from other social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

#3 Instagram Downloader — Web (Browser Extension)

These days it’s hard to find an Instagram downloading add-on for Chrome since Google has cleaned its extension market out of all downloaders. For those who love to get content using extensions, there is still an option to use other browsers. Instagram Downloader is an add-on for the Opera browser that provides all essential features for getting favorite photos and videos from Instagram.

The extension downloads Instagram videos and images in bulk, letting you grab all existing pieces of media. If mass downloading is not what you are looking for, Instagram Downloader also provides the possibility to save any Instagram photo and video one by one. 

The add-on puts the download buttons next to Instagram posts, Stories and IGTV videos within your Instagram feed. All you need to do is click the buttons to save any content you see. Arguably, the most effortless way to download from Instagram is through an extension like this.

#4 FastSave — Mobile (Android)

FastSave is an application for quick Instagram image and video grabbing on mobile. It allows to download multiple posts at the same time as well as get single videos and photos. The content you’ve got with FastSave can be shared, reposted and viewed offline. As the name suggests, the downloading speed of the application won’t leave you disappointed, everything is saved in a blink of an eye. 

Besides providing all of the major Instagram downloading possibilities, FastSave emulates the Stories bar and lets you view new Story videos and photos without even opening Instagram. On top of that, the application shows details about users when you long-press a saved item.

#5 InSaver — Mobile (iOS)

InSaver is a simple Instagram downloader for your iPhone and iPad. It downloads pictures and videos from Instagram to your gallery by link. InSaver gets information about likes, comments and post captions along with the media, and you can look through it offline. The service has an in-app image and video viewers that can be used to watch and organize the downloaded content. InSaver grabs not only posts but also Instagram Stories and lets you view them in Grid and List styles.

#6 VideoDuke — Desktop (Mac)

VideoDuke is a Mac application for downloading Instagram photos and videos. The service grabs media and even text content from Instagram after you insert the link to an Instagram post. The application saves Instagram videos and images quickly and in the highest available quality. Mac users will also appreciate the fact that Instagram is not the only service this native Mac application supports. Twitter, Reddit, 123movies, MySpace, VEVO, YouTube are only a portion of all sites that VideoDuke can help you download videos from.

#7 DownloadGram — Web (Online Service)

DownloadGram is an Instagram media grabber with one of the most clean interfaces you have ever seen. An URL field and download button are all you need to get Instagram photos and videos to be saved to your computer or mobile device. 

This web service supports the downloading of Instagram posts, Stories, IGTV and even Instagram Reels. Add it to your bookmarks for quick access and make Instagram downloading faster than ever. Note that DownloadGram can only be used to save single Instagram posts.

#8 4K Video Downloader — Desktop (Cross-platform)

4K Video Downloader is the ultimate downloading application for Instagram videos. It supports all resolutions from 144p to 4K and if Instagram supported 8K video and higher, this tool would be able to save it too. The application downloads Instagram videos in MP4 format and puts the content saved from different profiles to separate corresponding folders on your computer. Since 

4K Video Downloader is cross-platform, it can be used to download from Instagram on Mac, Windows and Linux alike. Use it to save video from Instagram, as well as TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

#9 W3toys — Web (Online Service)

W3toys is an online Instagram photo and video saving service. It extracts photo and video content from Instagram posts and downloads it in high quality and resolution to your mobile devices or computer. The service is pretty straightforward and easy to use, you only need to paste the link to an Instagram post into W3toys to download it. Stories, Highlights, Reels, IGTV and regular Instagram posts can be saved with the help of this handy online tool.

#10 GramSave — Web (Online Service)

GramSave is one of the most feature-rich web services for saving media from Instagram. It covers all types of Instagram content, allowing to download photos and videos from Instagram posts, Stories, Reels, carousel posts, public and private profiles. The service saves posts tagged within particular Instagram hashtags and downloads captions along with images and videos. All media is archived in the best possible quality and highest resolution.